Postnatal Personal Trainer

I serve mothers with a professional, holistic, honest, compassionate and educated approach.

Every woman's experience and body is unique. As a mother myself, I know motherhood is no easy ride and truly believe that each one of us deserves to make our best postnatal recovery.

No matter if you are a mum of one or many, have children that are babies or teenagers, you want to be able to move well doing daily household tasks pain free and to rebuild your self confidence and look good.

Maybe before pregnancy you used to workout regularly and now you are pregnant you don’t know what exercise is suitable for pregnancy yet you are keen to maintain as much fitness as possible.

I know how it feels to go from being a confident regular exerciser to not knowing where to start with your postnatal body. Let me reassure that firstly this is a very common feeling and secondly that I can help you. I am confident that I can help you reconnect and rebuild your core, become fitter and stronger safely and effectively, you just need to be committed and trust the process. My clients enjoy the process of seeing their progress, learn about their body and experience great results.


Phone Number

07922 861159