Building strong, beautiful women to the core

I serve mothers with a professional, holistic, compassionate and educated approach.

Women that work with me feel empowered with knowledge on how to exercise safely and effectively during pregnancy. My postnatal clients work with me and achieve feeling fit, toned and confident. My clients learn how to reconnect and rebuild their core and pelvic floor, how to make healthy lifestyle and nutritional choices and how to structure their training when returning to the gym environment. I build strong, beautiful mums to the core!

I work with women one to one, in person and remotely via zoom and online programming. I also deliver workshops for employers to support women in the office environment going on and returning from maternity to support the rehab journey after having a baby. As a result, reducing back ache and other common ailments new mothers experience when working desk based.

Every woman’s experience and body is unique. Motherhood is no easy ride and I truly believe each one of us deserves to make our best postnatal recovery. So whether you are pregnant, gave birth six weeks ago or even a couple of years ago I can help you, lets work together to get you feeling strong and beautiful to the core.